You are a magazine and web fanatic who is excited about learning the ropes. You’re active online, and read voraciously. You’re known for your dependability and attention to detail, you have excellent oral and written communication skills, and you’re super organized. At Today’s Parent, you’ll have the opportunity to build online articles and galleries (including selecting photos and working on SEO) fact-check print and online stories, assist editors with story research, pitch and write online stories, call in products and reach out to PR people, light editorial-related admin duties, and help on photo/video shoots (as needed). This placement is cross-listed in “Digital” and “Print.”

Length of internship: negotiable

Accessible by: subway, streetcar

Compensation: none (unpaid)

Today's Parent

Contact Information

Ariel Brewster

Senior Editor


  • Industry or type of work:


  • Location

    1 Mount Pleasant Road

  • Unpaid
  • Internship Length


  • Shift Work Not Required