The Ottawa Citizen began as The Packet in 1845, and has continued as the first choice for news and information in Canada’s capital for over 160 years. Each week, eight out of ten newspaper readers in Ottawa stay informed with the Citizen’s in-depth analysis of local, national and international news and events.

Distribution of the Citizen includes home delivery, retail stores and boxes and, a 24-hour, up-to-the-minute breaking news and information website. Combined, this aggregated audience reaches half a million residents of Canada’s capital each week. This placement is cross-listed in “Digital” and “Print.”

Length of internship: 6 weeks, full-time

Accessible by: bus

Compensation: none (unpaid)

Ottawa Citizen

Contact Information

Pat Hyndman

  • Industry or type of work:


  • Location

    1101 Baxter Rd. Ottawa, ON

  • Unpaid (but potential honorarium)

    We have offered honoraria, but it’s discretionary.

  • Internship Length:

    6 weeks, full-time

  • Shift Work Not Required