Who We Are: We are a unique, new journalistic network of reporters and researchers who believe the future of investigative journalism lies in collaboration rather than competition.  NSIRN is a national project that has developed a new model for investigative work that brings together professional journalists, academics and student reporters from  across Canada to cooperate on large stories of public interest.

NSIRN’s inaugural project last year – The Price of Oil – was the largest journalistic collaboration ever in Canada, bringing together over 50 journalists and journalism students to examine the hidden costs of the oil and gas industry to Canadians. Together, they analyzed hundreds of documents, terabytes of data, interviewed countless experts and created an investigative series of vital public interest that is entirely unique in scope and scale in this country. The project received numerous national and international awards and nominations and marked a new approach to conducting ambitious, resource-intensive reporting.

As we launch a new project, we are seeking interns interested in developing their investigative skills as part of an exciting national collaboration engaged in public interest investigative journalism.

Contact Information

Robert Cribb

NSIRN director and Toronto Star investigative reporter