At BuzzBuzzHome we are working on improving the way people research and purchase new construction homes. We are particularly focused on cataloguing all new residential developments in North America, connecting purchasers directly with sellers, and providing social tools that enable collaboration amongst purchasers and industry experts.

We launched in 2009 and quickly grew to become one of North America’s leading online resources for new construction home buyers. BuzzBuzzHome allows purchasers to research new residential projects and connect directly with developers. BuzzBuzzHome is also a social hub, where builders, buyers and industry players come to hangout and collaborate.

Length of internship: negotiable

Accessible by: subway, streetcar

Compensation: none (unpaid)

Buzz Buzz Home

Contact Information

Sean Mackay

  • Industry or type of work:

    Digital media

  • Location

    Adelaide and Spadina

  • Unpaid
  • Internship Length:


  • Shift Work Not Required