Placements in the U.S.


It’s an interesting time in the U.S. right now to say the least. As journalists, some of you may see that as an opportunity and want to go there for a placement. And that’s great! But here’s a couple things you should know before you begin your search:


  • The Ryerson School of Journalism (RSJ) has worked with many American media outlets in the past and some of our graduates hold high-profile position in American media. However, we do not have any direct relationships with American media outlets regarding placements. While we encourage you to seek out a placement in the U.S if you are interested, you’ll have to do it without much guidance or contact information;
  • As is the case with any placement, the RSJ does not provide financial support for accommodations, living expenses, supplies or visas. If money is tight and funding is an issue, maybe consider somewhere closer to home.