20 April 2017

This section is just starting to come together. So far we’ve just got the one video to post (from Lamees Wahajat, see below), but we’ll add more as we collect and produce them. We’re going to aim for about half a dozen, and we’ll refresh them regularly.

From the field” is a place where students talk about their experiences during their placement. It’s not a cheerleading section. We are aiming for stories that cover a spectrum of experiences, from the absolutely great to the absolutely awful, and points in between.

As we continue to gather videos over the summer and into the fall, it will be my aim to find and post stories of placements that exceeded expectations and led to jobs, and others that left students exhausted and feeling exploited. I’m happy that the vast majority of placements that I have been involved with have had positive or super positive outcomes. But a small number have not. It is my view that stories covering the good and the bad need to be told.

We begin with Lamees Wahajat, who in the W1 period of 2016-17, travelled to Lahore Pakistan for her six-week placement. It was during a period when terrorist attacks were unusually frequent in Lahore, as Lamees discovered through direct experience.