The forms you see here cover various aspects of JRN850.
Most you will need; some you may not.
Some will change over the coming months, new ones will be added. What is here is offered only to give you a sense of things.

These forms are:

For credit. This is a document which some placement employers will ask you to provide. It’s a standard, straightforward letter, and with the exception of the date, it really doesn’t change from year to year. Placement employers will ask for it only when they need written documentation (proof) that the student will receive academic credit for the placement. They need this for insurance purposes. I find that this document is required only very rarely.

An Employer’s Guide to Internships: I’m including this only for your interest. Generally speaking, and usually only in the case of a new placement, this document goes from me, straight to the potential placement employer. It’s here because I thought it might be helpful or interesting to you. But as well, if you’re checking out a potential internship NOT from our database, and a potential employer asks you for a bit more information about the internship program, please feel free to supply them with the document. You don’t need to run the request past me or anything.

WSIB: The dreaded and deadly dull insurance form, with its provincially-mandated, unintelligible “officialese” language. I once edited it into English that anyone could understand and was told by the university insurance people to cease and desist. As well, apparently there’s a new one coming out soon, so this one is just fyi. Also, they tell me there will be more various insurance documents required for next year. We can all look forward to that.

Evaluation form: For you to supply to the placement employer, and for them to fill out and submit by email to me as soon as possible after your placement ends. This form, once filled out, is NOT private; you have every right to see it and if I don’t send it on to you automatically, please just ask. This summer I’ll be trying to figure out how to turn it into a fillable Adobe form, but in the meantime it’s designed to be filled in either by hand or by keyboard, which is a really clunky, very 1980s way of doing things. A fillable form is very much on the To Do List.