6 September 2016

Dear Placement Employer:

Thank you for helping round out the education of a senior journalism student by offering an internship placement!

This letter confirms that the placement of our Ryerson University journalism student at your organisation is eligible for academic credit. Internships run for up to six weeks, for a total of anywhere between 225 and 240 hours (i.e., a 35- to 40-hour workweek). At any time while on the job for your organisation, the interning student is insured under a program run by the government of Ontario.

The course to which the credit applies is “JRN850 Undergraduate Internship”. This course counts toward the fulfilment of academic requirements for the awarding of the Bachelor of Journalism degree from Ryerson University.

Yours sincerely,

Jagg Carr-Locke
Associate Professor
Ryerson School of Journalism jagg@ryerson.ca
(m) 416 806-0702