My placement at Today’s Parent was a great learning experience. I had the opportunity to sit in at daily meetings and story/pitch meetings. It was interesting to be at the other side of the “email pitch” and hear editors discuss which pitches were successful and which ones weren’t. More importantly, hearing the reasons why they were or weren’t successful. I set a goal for myself to write at least 6 stories at Today’s Parent and I’m very glad I had the chance to do so. I wrote a few of trending pieces, product round­ups and one or two news/health stories. Most of the work you will be doing at TP is “building” stories on WordPress, so inputting text, links, images, videos etc. It also means knowing their content really well. You’ll definitely become proficient in WordPress after this placement. There are also opportunities to network with other magazines, like Chatelaine and Flare, and pitch to them.


The team is laid­back and friendly. You have your own workspace and are assigned daily tasks and deadlines that you are expected to manage. The only negative thing I’d have to say about my time at TP, is that at one point I was asked to do a very tedious job that involved packaging boxes and filling out paperwork. It was clearly a job no one wanted to do, so it got dumped on the intern. Although, this seemed like a one­time thing it wasn’t how I expected to spend my day. Either than that little road bump, I think this is a great opportunity to add some pieces to your portfolio/collect bylines and find out how a modern magazine operates.


Today’s Parent 7

Today’s Parent is a great internship if you’re hoping to learn the basics of a digital/print publication. I was happy with the work environment and opportunities the editors gave me. I was excited to have writing assignments in my first week on the job. I learned the importance of SEO online and building stories for web using WordPress. Sometimes when you finish work, the editors don’t have anything else for you to do right away. But that gave me a chance to develop story pitches, which I ended up writing for the website. Overall, satisfied with my experience!


Today’s Parent 6

Each of my expectations were met or exceeded; the magazine industry is a radically different beast than that of newsrooms with dailies, and I was surprised to learn how laid-back it felt working at Today’s Parent. Unlike a regular newsroom, most stories – unless they were viral – weren’t pushed out with urgency. This doesn’t mean that we weren’t publishing every day; there was a push for the magazine to be active on social media and on its digital side, and it amazed me to see how fluidly deadlines and stories moved around to match these expectations.


The team at Today’s Parent treated me with nothing but respect and kindness. I was saddened to leave by the end. They were always supportive and gave me many opportunities to try new things. My only lament is that I wished someone gave me more of a push early on to explore what opportunities I had, and encouraged me to try more new things. I felt like I got this push near the end when everyone became familiar with me, but I only wish it came earlier so that I could have accomplished more. Most of it is on me for being shy and not forthcoming about what opportunities I wished to explore.


Overall, this was a good internship experience that taught me much about the magazine world and gave me many insights on how the minds of editors operated on a daily basis. The work was simple to pick up (lots of activities with digital), and rewarding as the editors gave timely and relevant feedback. I highly recommend an internship at Today’s Parent, even if parenting isn’t for you!


Today’s Parent 5

I would recommend this internship to a student who is unsure of their career path and is looking for a low-stress environment to gain experience in. The team meetings are casual and allow you to pitch your own ideas, but overall the work is largely unsupervised. Tasks are assigned each week with various deadlines. My time was mostly self-managed and the work was fairly mundane. Should I finish early, I had the opportunity to ask for additional jobs, but occasionally such work wasn’t available, and this made it difficult for me to remain productive throughout the day.


Today’s Parent 4

I had a positive experience interning at Today’s Parent. All of the people I worked with were very welcoming and lovely to be around. They included me in their meetings and discussions, and encouraged me to enjoy some fun perks (free merchandise sent from brands and PR companies, occasional snack potlucks).

I was trusted with the work I was producing, which allowed me to experience working independently in the digital magazine world.

Overall, I learned a lot, gained more confidence in some areas, made contacts and was connected to doing journalism-related work outside of my internship!


Today’s Parent 3

Interning at Today’s Parent was more fun than expected. Going into it, I didn’t know much about being a Mom, babies or being a parent in general. It surprised me to see that half of the people in the Editorial department were from Ryerson and that they’re also relatively young. Doing the interview with Kim (Deputy Editor) and Alyssa (Assistant Managing Editor), I was assured that it was a fun close-knit environment with lots of opportunities for journalism.

My goal was to write every week, and I exceeded that by writing 11 stories, which were all published. I learned more about SEO and what kinds of stories do well online. I made great relationships with the senior editors and they introduced me to other editors at Rogers media –including giving me their contact info. Every day was really busy and I liked having things to do.


Today’s Parent 2

When I was applying for internships, I never thought I would take a shot at Today’s Parent—but after meeting with the Deputy Editor —I knew it was the right place for me.

I was involved in daily morning meetings, bi-weekly web-pitch meetings, and team gatherings. In the morning, I was usually assigned to write about something trending in the “parenting world”, content I pitched, or to build pre-written content for the website.

I found myself lucky when it came to pitching and writing stories. I was able to write a personal essay for the website, along with many other trending stories. In fact, I will have a small section in the upcoming magazine!

Overall, the team was always kind and made me feel like I had been there for a long time. They were also open about my progress throughout my internship. I would highly recommend Today’s Parent.


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