It has been such an amazing experience working at The Kit. They were very accommodating with all the work given to me (no tasks were given to me that were not on the posting).

Working with the various editors on board here has been so great, all were so friendly and would give advice, suggestions and feedback on where I can improve.

On some days it’s like walking into the backstage of a fashion show (they all can be very fashionably dressed). It’s also very exciting to get the inside scoop on a new fashion trend before the world does.


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Overall, the workplace atmosphere is very friendly and everyone seems to be nice. This placement keeps its interns busy by giving them –not tough– but time consuming tasks. Therefore, interns spend a lot of time on relatively easy tasks like transcribing interviews, researching and fact-checking, while not having any challenges or opportunities to develop and learn.

It is an internship perfect for someone who just wants to have a good name on a resume while putting minimal effort or for someone who just starts his/her journey with journalism and doesn’t have any background in this field. For someone more determined and ambitious, this internship will not be challenging enough. If you apply here, be prepared for tasks that underestimate your skills and knowledge.


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  1. My internship at The Kit completely met my expectations. I was given the opportunity to work on everything from fact-checking the weekly newspaper—a crucial skill every journalist must learn—to writing daily stories on fashion, beauty and pop culture for the website. Everyday I was working on something different and I really had the chance to understand and explore what goes on behind the scenes at a fashion magazine.


  1. Everyday at The Kit is a chance to hone a different set of skills; one day you’ll be transcribing interviews with top models and the next day you’ll be writing about them. The women who run The Kit are also exceptionally welcoming and eager to help you succeed. This internship gives you the chance to work in a fast-paced environment where you’ll learn many facets of the publishing industry.

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Interning at The Kit let me see the behind-the-scenes action in creating content for the weekly print edition and When people think of working at fashion publications, they might think of a scene in The Devil Wears Prada. Working at The Kit was not like that at all.

Eden and Veronica, two editors I worked closely with, showed me everything. I mostly worked with the online content and through that experience, I learned about writing attention-grabbing and concise articles, sourcing photos, contacting PR representatives, coding, building galleries and SEO.

Even though I am finished, I still visit the website every day and read content. I go to the website for inspiration because I admire their aesthetic and writing style.


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