Overall, interning at Opera Canada Magazine was enjoyable. I worked with a great editor, but it isn’t what everyone would think when it comes to a stereotypical magazine office. Coming into this internship, I pictured something somewhat like Devil Wears Prada. However, it’s you at a computer with the editor at theirs. It’s a small office and you do the same thing every day.

Working endlessly on the social media platforms and sourcing photos isn’t what I expected. I only wrote 3 pieces in 10 weeks. I was hoping for more editing, proofreading and writing, compared to being a social media curator.


Opera Canada 2

Going into my internship, I had no prior knowledge of reporting or covering opera news. However, my time there exceeded my expectations, as I learned to step out of my comfort zone and explore a new field of journalism. Part of my duties included copy-editing, attending Opera rehearsals, conducting interviews, writing articles, making blog posts, and handling all social media platforms.

The work atmosphere is small but relaxing, as it was only me and the Editorial Director, Gianmarco Segato, working in the office. Since I commute, it was helpful that the office was easily accessible to public transit. Gianmarco was easy-going and understanding towards sick-days, or having to leave early. He was always kind and appreciative of the work I was doing.

Overall, I believe Opera Canada to be a great internship. I gained valuable insights such as learning how the process of publishing a magazine works, which can be used towards future opportunities.


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