As a producer, working with the Post digital team was great. I quickly learned what Post audiences like to read, and I geared my articles to that. I was able to produce videos, write quick hits and work on my pitching. I would always be on top of my editors about editing my pieces, which they actually appreciated because they get so bogged down in work that they forget sometimes. I learned to communicate in a workplace and navigate challenges I encountered, such as working with a variety of people.


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I learned to write quickly under deadline on a variety of topics that I either pitched or had been assigned. The job required me to call multiple experts per story and often had me working up until the last minutes of a deadline, especially on the FP side. As challenging as that seems, it really becomes part of the routine. I saw some interns taking multiple days on a story, which was OK, depending on the subject matter. Overall, the workplace very friendly and everyone is willing to help.

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