The internship was great if you wanted to learn fact-checking and research skills. The process was rigorous and intensive, and most days are spent doing that. 

Where it fell short, in terms of my own expectations, was in the writing aspect — the fact-checking and transcribing took up so much time that there was none left to write, and there was little support provided –if that was what you were interested in. It doesn’t really feel like

I’ve made any contacts because the environment tends to alienate you in a bit. There’s little dialogue between interns and most of the staff.


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Interning at ELLE Canada was a good experience. The office is fairly small with not many employees, which requires a lot of independence on the part of the intern.

It is necessary to take initiative in this job. If you have a story idea you need to approach the appropriate editor because they won’t come ask you if you have anything to share. If you don’t have any work you need to ask people if they need help with anything. Most of the stuff I did came from me asking employees –other than my supervisor– for extra work.

I felt most welcomed by the assistants. They really guided me and were there to answer all of my questions, we had a great camaraderie. I was fortunate to get published three times for online and it allowed me to feel like a real journalist.


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If you like fashion or beauty and want to see how magazines are produced in Canada, ELLE is a great placement. The office location is easily accessible by TTC, and if you drive, there are paid parking spots nearby.

As for the type of work you’ll be doing, it’s a lot of fact-checking and transcribing. If you don’t like doing those, this might not be for you. You are also encouraged to pitch story ideas for web, and the editors are very helpful and give amazing feedback.

In addition, you get to learn about how to deal with PR, source credits, and other useful information about the fashion and beauty industry.

Also, the team is super friendly, so for anyone who thinks working at ELLE will be reminiscent of The Devil Wears Prada, trust me, it’s not.  


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