This internship gave me valuable publishing experience. Not to mention, the atmosphere of this building is amazing, and everyone is treated as royalty! I also felt involved, as I could attend meetings and work parties.

My favourite part about my internship were the people I worked with. Being a smaller team, I got to know everyone on a more personal level and they were all very welcoming and talented. They made me feel as though what I was doing was important –I felt like a true employee. They also offered guidance while giving me real tasks and consistent feedback.

The commute was far, it sometimes took nearly 2 hours to get to my placement. I also feel I could have benefited more had it been full-time 12 weeks, rather than part-time.

Another downside is that I feel as though my performance evaluation wasn’t so accurate. For instance, I was shared between the whole team, meaning I would help whoever needed assisting. I formatted stories in WordPress, searched for potential web story ideas and then wrote them, fact-checked print stories, assisted in tasks for that given day for my supervisors, and partook in weekly planning meetings.

But because I never reported back to one person, I feel like the person in charge of interns/completing the evaluation, was not the right one to evaluate me, as I had never reported to her. I also know for a fact that she did not ask others how I helped, but rather just marked what she noticed. Otherwise, this was a great experience overall.

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