The CBC internship was a positive learning experience for me because I was able to put everything I’ve learned at school into practice. 

From the first day, my supervisor, the producer for Toronto Local News asked me how comfortable I was with talking to people, I replied “very,” and from there was assigned to chase stories. I was surrounded by reporters, editors and industry professionals who, although were busy, always made time to answer my questions and give me feedback on my work. Within 6 weeks, my confidence grew and after this experience I’m excited to graduate and join the journalism workforce.


CBC Toronto 4

I couldn’t have imagined a better internship experience than the one I had at CBC Toronto. The opportunities I was given went above and beyond my expectations. I received copious amounts of sound advice and encouragement from my superiors and colleagues and I felt like I was truly valued as an asset to the newsroom. My thoughts and opinions were always welcome and respected. I wish I could thank each and every person I met there. I’ve recently been offered training in EA and AP positions in the Toronto newsroom, so I might actually get to.


CBC Toronto 3

I walked into CBC Toronto with two goals – I wanted to become a better story pitcher and Iwanted to improve my radio and TV reporting skills. Six weeks later, I walked out confident in my ability to develop an idea and pitch it to a room full of producers. I now also feel comfortable writing scripts and editing clips for radio and TV. I attribute my successful experience in the high-energy newsroom with having clear, tangible goals and supervisors who wanted to help me achieve them. Everyone at my placement was patient and wanted to help me learn.

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