My time at As It Happens was rewarding: I got to be a part of a reputable radio show that covers the most interesting stories happening globally. My co- workers were polite and professional, and formed a highly productive team. I got proper guidance from my supervisor and some fellow producers. The workload kept me busy throughout the day, but was never more than I could handle. I wasn’t able to do the same work that seasoned AIH producers were doing – like front-page news stories – but I had the opportunity to work on producing other stories, and packaging stories for online.


CBC As It Happens 3

Being on the digital team at CBC Radio put me in a unique position to work with and produce a variety of content for several network talk shows. I got to shadow many skillful people thanks to my supervisor, Paul, who connected me with as many opportunities as possible during my time there. 

Before you go on yours, think about things you’d like to do or see at the CBC (doesn’t have to just be with Radio) and Paul will help you the best he can. I had a wonderful time and I highly recommend working with the digital team!


CBC Radio 3

My  internship at CBC Radio was an extremely  positive experience  for so many reasons.  My supervisor always ensured  that I understood the tasks she  assigned me. In addition, she took the time to explain  how I could improve and what I had done well. My supervisor  and other seniors were all encouraging throughout my six weeks  at CBC and made me feel welcome and comfortable from the start.  They also helped me network and gave me advice on who and how to  reach out to certain individuals in the building. I  made  a constant  effort to show  up early and be  the last to leave  each day, as well as  always ask  if there  was anything  else I could do  to help. I went above  and beyond what was asked  of me and all my hard work  was recognized, as I was asked  to come back in the summer and do   back-­fill work for the show I interned  at. My  internship allowed  me to meet a lot  of great people, learn  a lot of  new skills , as well as opening up  doors for my career.


CBC Radio 2

I received support and mentorship, which helped me enhance my pitching, interviewing and script writing skills. I also learned about editorial judgement. I did start to feel a little lost when my supervisor was away and I also wish I had gotten the chance to work on bigger and more serious stories. Regardless, the positives outweigh the negatives, as I did get to pitch ideas that were produced as stories and I wrote a couple web posts. All in all, I believe it was an invaluable experience in a radio newsroom. My supervisor advised me to apply for local radio shows, as it’s easier to get a foot in the door that way. I hope I’ll be able to return there for work one day.


CBC As It Happens 2

My internship at CBC Radio absolutely exceeded my expectations. The application process was lengthy to say the least, but it was well worth it.

The environment was friendly and relaxed. People were happy to meet me and see what I could bring to the table. My producers challenged me, but also taught me the ropes.

I was able to put my audio, video and digital skills to great use while learning so many more. I often came in early and stayed late to have more time to learn (and make mistakes). The building, amenities and equipment were all state-of-the-art. I did not get any compensation, but the experience by itself was worth more than the money I would have made. I was able to establish connections with people there who will be vital in helping to further my career at CBC.

I’m happy to say that I’m freelancing for CBC right now!


CBC Radio 1

I had an enjoyable placement at CBC Radio’s As It Happens, however I wish I had done my internship in television.

My skill set and personality are a better fit for TV, but I did learn a lot in radio. My stories went to air on a daily basis, which was great! I’m grateful to have had the radio experience since I learned valuable skills like how to edit audio with Dalet, how to write an online article using Polopoly, and how to embed audio clips into it. I also improved my communication skills, and learned how to look for national stories.

This internship taught me how to use constructive criticism to constantly improve my work. The building is easy to reach by the PATH, and is close to the subway.

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