My internship was a valuable experience. I got to write a lot of stories, both online and in print. I was and still am excited about this, as it will help bulk up my portfolio. It wasn’t always easy, though. I was given deadlines for those stories, and from Day 1, my supervisor, Dave, made sure I knew that we were working on a pretty strict timeline. We worked forward, slowly compiling stories and articles for the Winter 2020 issue of Canadian Running Magazine. I wrote three articles under my name that will appear in the upcoming issue, and I covered the writeup for a couple more sections that are never given a by-line (just basic updates on the running world, not long-form articles). 


Working at Canadian Running gave me a lot of great skills moving forward, from writing, to editing and to dealing with freelancers, which can be tough at times, especially when you’re on a strict deadline. The team was so nice and welcoming, which made it really easy to feel like I was in the right spot as soon as I started there. I would highly recommend this placement for any other journalism students who have a passion for running like I do. 


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