My internship at the Marilyn Denis Show was everything I expected and more. I enjoyed working on the set, networking with new faces in the industry and exploring the various positions required on a production. 


On a day to day basis, I helped welcome guests into the studio, helped setup and tear down sets and organized sponsored prizing on the show. But in addition to these everyday tasks, I had the opportunity to shadow a senior producer in the control room, a floor director on a live show, and lend a helping hand on a field shoot at the Ronald McDonald House. 


The staff at Bell Media made everyday enjoyable which motivated me to go into work everyday! Ultimately, my expectations were exceeded and I would recommend this internship to any student that wants to experience a TV production and get their foot in the door!


Bell Media Marilyn Denis 1

I did my internship at CTV’s The Social and I loved it. Not only did I learn a lot, but I also enjoyed going into work everyday.

I was able to meet so many great people at The Social including producers, directors, writers and back stage help, etc. I got the chance to shadow many of these positions and learn what it takes to be in the live TV industry. We also had the chance to meet amazing guests and audience members, and to see what was happening in other places in the Bell Media building (i.e. Marilyn Dennis, eTalk and CP24).

Overall, I loved working at The Social. They made me feel included, they taught me how to do things right, leading to many fun memories I now have. I would definitely recommend this internship.


Bell Media The Social 2

On a regular day, I participated in morning pitches. On Friday, my pitch was chosen as a topic on the live show. I helped the audience (handling coats, handing out giveaways). I also helped with the hosts’ wardrobe after each show. This week, I was sent on a prop run, trying to hunt down items for the show.


but also …

What I found most useful was putting together a research pack for one of the producers for an upcoming segment. I researched and compiled a document to help the host direct their segment. Everything so far has been pretty fun. The highlight of my week was being asked to send a video to participate on a new MUCH channel show. I recorded and sent in my video, and it aired on TV Saturday night!


Bell Media The Social 1