Each of my expectations were met or exceeded; the magazine industry is a radically different beast than that of newsrooms with dailies, and I was surprised to learn how laid-back it felt working at Today’s Parent. Unlike a regular newsroom, most stories – unless they were viral – weren’t pushed out with urgency. This doesn’t mean that we weren’t publishing every day; there was a push for the magazine to be active on social media and on its digital side, and it amazed me to see how fluidly deadlines and stories moved around to match these expectations.


The team at Today’s Parent treated me with nothing but respect and kindness. I was saddened to leave by the end. They were always supportive and gave me many opportunities to try new things. My only lament is that I wished someone gave me more of a push early on to explore what opportunities I had, and encouraged me to try more new things. I felt like I got this push near the end when everyone became familiar with me, but I only wish it came earlier so that I could have accomplished more. Most of it is on me for being shy and not forthcoming about what opportunities I wished to explore.


Overall, this was a good internship experience that taught me much about the magazine world and gave me many insights on how the minds of editors operated on a daily basis. The work was simple to pick up (lots of activities with digital), and rewarding as the editors gave timely and relevant feedback. I highly recommend an internship at Today’s Parent, even if parenting isn’t for you!