Briefly speaking, my internship was a testament of hard work being rewarded. I interned at the CBC on Andrew Nichols’ show, which felt like what some might consider a stereotypical internship–little responsibility, and an expectation to simply observe. I voiced my eagerness for more work and was switched to Carole MacNeil’s show. There I learned the role of an associate producer, which in the end, got me hired.

Retrospectively, the most important takeaway is timing. Concerns will arise and it’s important to voice those, but to do so at the appropriate time. Take a step back, assess the issue, and see what you can do yourself before voicing any concerns.


CBC News 4

Working at Metro Morning was a great experience. I was chasing, producing and pitching every day during my time there. All of the producers on the team were very helpful and constantly gave me constructive feedback on my work and answered any questions I had.

I would recommend that any RSJ student looking for hands-on experience to apply to work with the Metro Morning crew. What I learned there in six weeks will last my entire career. I do wish I was more relaxed during my time there, however. I feel as though I let my imposter syndrome and anxiety get the best of me on some days, but I was able to work through it and still have a positive experience.

There was also a sharp learning curve that came with the internship and a high level of expectation that I wasn’t expecting. I would advise future interns to be prepared for that.


CBC Metro Morning 1

I thought the internship with the CBC’s Investigations Unit was a great fit for me. It was highly independent and afforded me a lot of time to work on long-term projects. These are both things that I believe are important for me to be able to produce my best work.

However, I say this with a caveat: you have to want to do this type of work. You can’t expect to have your day (or even week) planned out; you need to be able to decide for yourself how to do your work.


CBC Investigative 1

I got to work with some good and talented people, but at the end of the day, my internship fell short of my expectations.

I didn’t get to work on the stories I wanted to, which isn’t the end of the world, but the problem was that I worked on a project that almost got scrapped at the very end, even though everyone knew what I was working on.

In the end it was published, but I felt that the project dragged on for way too long. It took about five weeks to finish, when if there was proper planning it could have only taken one.


CBC Data Journalism 1

I did my internship at CTV’s The Social and I loved it. Not only did I learn a lot, but I also enjoyed going into work everyday.

I was able to meet so many great people at The Social including producers, directors, writers and back stage help, etc. I got the chance to shadow many of these positions and learn what it takes to be in the live TV industry. We also had the chance to meet amazing guests and audience members, and to see what was happening in other places in the Bell Media building (i.e. Marilyn Dennis, eTalk and CP24).

Overall, I loved working at The Social. They made me feel included, they taught me how to do things right, leading to many fun memories I now have. I would definitely recommend this internship.


Bell Media The Social 2

Overall, the workplace atmosphere is very friendly and everyone seems to be nice. This placement keeps its interns busy by giving them –not tough– but time consuming tasks. Therefore, interns spend a lot of time on relatively easy tasks like transcribing interviews, researching and fact-checking, while not having any challenges or opportunities to develop and learn.

It is an internship perfect for someone who just wants to have a good name on a resume while putting minimal effort or for someone who just starts his/her journey with journalism and doesn’t have any background in this field. For someone more determined and ambitious, this internship will not be challenging enough. If you apply here, be prepared for tasks that underestimate your skills and knowledge.


The Kit 3
  1. My internship at The Kit completely met my expectations. I was given the opportunity to work on everything from fact-checking the weekly newspaper—a crucial skill every journalist must learn—to writing daily stories on fashion, beauty and pop culture for the website. Everyday I was working on something different and I really had the chance to understand and explore what goes on behind the scenes at a fashion magazine.


  1. Everyday at The Kit is a chance to hone a different set of skills; one day you’ll be transcribing interviews with top models and the next day you’ll be writing about them. The women who run The Kit are also exceptionally welcoming and eager to help you succeed. This internship gives you the chance to work in a fast-paced environment where you’ll learn many facets of the publishing industry.

The Kit 2

Interning at The Kit let me see the behind-the-scenes action in creating content for the weekly print edition and When people think of working at fashion publications, they might think of a scene in The Devil Wears Prada. Working at The Kit was not like that at all.

Eden and Veronica, two editors I worked closely with, showed me everything. I mostly worked with the online content and through that experience, I learned about writing attention-grabbing and concise articles, sourcing photos, contacting PR representatives, coding, building galleries and SEO.

Even though I am finished, I still visit the website every day and read content. I go to the website for inspiration because I admire their aesthetic and writing style.


The Kit 1

Honestly, interning at Your Morning changed my life. It gave me the opportunity to explore a skill set that I didn’t think I would ever want to do. Going into this, I wasn’t sure about broadcast and solely wanted to do print, but after experiencing the broadcast world I’m sucked in.

I was treated like an equal and given equal work. There were a few days where I felt frustrated because there wasn’t any work to do. However, I needed to realize that’s news, sometimes there is a slow day and you can’t just make things up. I used this opportunity to reach out to other departments and help them with whatever work they needed.

Throughout this placement I not only gained confidence and experience, but also mentors and contacts. At the end, I was offered a freelance news position with Your Morning. They also suggested I look for other freelance opportunities to keep up my experience, and gave me contacts to start my search.


Your Morning 2

These past 6 weeks at Your Morning was a blast! Every week I was with a different team, so I learned a lot – such as producing segments, news writing, and managing the show’s YouTube channel and website. Out of all the teams, I enjoyed being a part of the news team the most. I had the wonderful opportunity to produce three segments!

Overall, this was a wonderful experience and great for those who don’t know exactly what they want to do, but know they want to do something in the broadcast journalism field. I learned that working in a morning show may not be the best fit for me as of right now, but it’s something that I can see myself being a part of down the road when I’m older.


Your Morning 1