I loved my internship and had the chance to learn so many new skills, all while meeting tons of new people. Be eager to learn and be personable — everyone likes that. But don’t be annoying and require constant supervision. Whenever it slows down in the newsroom, learn how to find and make your own work to show to your producers and supervisor.

Also, having the chance to spend a few days in different parts of CBC is completely worth it. The more exposure the better, because you learn new things and meet new people, becoming more dynamic as a result. CBC is accommodating for interns who are eager to work and go to different areas in the building.


CBC News 5

I had a positive experience interning at Today’s Parent. All of the people I worked with were very welcoming and lovely to be around. They included me in their meetings and discussions, and encouraged me to enjoy some fun perks (free merchandise sent from brands and PR companies, occasional snack potlucks).

I was trusted with the work I was producing, which allowed me to experience working independently in the digital magazine world.

Overall, I learned a lot, gained more confidence in some areas, made contacts and was connected to doing journalism-related work outside of my internship!


Today’s Parent 3

It has been such an amazing experience working at The Kit. They were very accommodating with all the work given to me (no tasks were given to me that were not on the posting).

Working with the various editors on board here has been so great, all were so friendly and would give advice, suggestions and feedback on where I can improve.

On some days it’s like walking into the backstage of a fashion show (they all can be very fashionably dressed). It’s also very exciting to get the inside scoop on a new fashion trend before the world does.


The Kit 4

My time at The Hockey News was excellent, from start to finish. The workers were friendly and quick to answer any questions. The activities ranged from simple editing to researching as well as writing. It’s perfect for someone who has a love for hockey and an interest in what goes into putting together a magazine. The office was very close to campus which made it easy to get to and it was a casual, yet structured work environment. I was able to learn more about the industry and I’d recommend this to anyone interested in hockey and sports journalism.


The Hockey News 1

Overall, I found the internship as Music Programming Assistant at SiriusXM to be enriching and educational. My daily tasks included editing audio, conducting research on various artists, updating social media and maintaining the radio station’s media libraries and databases. I learned how to use Adobe Audition, which was an unfamiliar program to me at the time — now I feel much more comfortable with it and appreciate my experience learning as I was given assignments. I received a good amount of mentorship from my supervisors, who assisted me when needed but also gave me a fair amount of independence in my tasks.



My placement surpassed my expectations. The team at Owlkids was incredibly helpful, understanding and accommodating. They always made sure I was comfortable with the tasks I was assigned, and they offered to work around not only my school schedule, but also my part-time job schedule. I learned a lot about the different sides of the business, including aspects of marketing and magazine production. I also met a lot of kind and fun people that I hope to stay in touch with.


Owlkids 1

My internship at House & Home was a great introduction to the magazine industry. I worked primarily with the web team, where I was responsible for scheduling online and social content.

The most beneficial skill I developed at House & Home was understanding web analytics and how content is pitched based on those statistics. This skill helped me in pitch meetings and also helped me better my own website in terms of creating content that performs well with a specific demographic. It should be noted that most of House & Home’s web content is in the form of galleries, which does not require interviewing sources or researching. While this was fairly simple to me, creating galleries increased my knowledge in interior design.

Overall, working with the web team provides you with many opportunities to attend events and network with other people in the industry. As a result, I left my internship with many references and contacts for future work.


House & Home 1

Interning at ELLE Canada was a good experience. The office is fairly small with not many employees, which requires a lot of independence on the part of the intern.

It is necessary to take initiative in this job. If you have a story idea you need to approach the appropriate editor because they won’t come ask you if you have anything to share. If you don’t have any work you need to ask people if they need help with anything. Most of the stuff I did came from me asking employees –other than my supervisor– for extra work.

I felt most welcomed by the assistants. They really guided me and were there to answer all of my questions, we had a great camaraderie. I was fortunate to get published three times for online and it allowed me to feel like a real journalist.


Elle Magazine 2

This internship gave me valuable publishing experience. Not to mention, the atmosphere of this building is amazing, and everyone is treated as royalty! I also felt involved, as I could attend meetings and work parties.

My favourite part about my internship were the people I worked with. Being a smaller team, I got to know everyone on a more personal level and they were all very welcoming and talented. They made me feel as though what I was doing was important –I felt like a true employee. They also offered guidance while giving me real tasks and consistent feedback.

The commute was far, it sometimes took nearly 2 hours to get to my placement. I also feel I could have benefited more had it been full-time 12 weeks, rather than part-time.

Another downside is that I feel as though my performance evaluation wasn’t so accurate. For instance, I was shared between the whole team, meaning I would help whoever needed assisting. I formatted stories in WordPress, searched for potential web story ideas and then wrote them, fact-checked print stories, assisted in tasks for that given day for my supervisors, and partook in weekly planning meetings.

But because I never reported back to one person, I feel like the person in charge of interns/completing the evaluation, was not the right one to evaluate me, as I had never reported to her. I also know for a fact that she did not ask others how I helped, but rather just marked what she noticed. Otherwise, this was a great experience overall.

Cottage Life 1

CBC’s Out in the Open internship fell short of my expectations because I thought I would be able to contribute daily to the show, but I learned a lot working at a weekly show. It was my first time working five-weeks ahead of the podcast show –it was an adjustment. I had one story produced completely by me. It was a hard show to contribute to, but I was able to do it other ways.

Make sure you know the difference between a daily and weekly show. It might just shock you if you don’t know how they function. Still a great experience for me.


CBC Out in the Open 1