I would recommend this internship to a student who is unsure of their career path and is looking for a low-stress environment to gain experience in. The team meetings are casual and allow you to pitch your own ideas, but overall the work is largely unsupervised. Tasks are assigned each week with various deadlines. My time was mostly self-managed and the work was fairly mundane. Should I finish early, I had the opportunity to ask for additional jobs, but occasionally such work wasn’t available, and this made it difficult for me to remain productive throughout the day.


Today’s Parent 4

I walked into CBC Toronto with two goals – I wanted to become a better story pitcher and Iwanted to improve my radio and TV reporting skills. Six weeks later, I walked out confident in my ability to develop an idea and pitch it to a room full of producers. I now also feel comfortable writing scripts and editing clips for radio and TV. I attribute my successful experience in the high-energy newsroom with having clear, tangible goals and supervisors who wanted to help me achieve them. Everyone at my placement was patient and wanted to help me learn.

CBC Toronto 1

My internship at Glance gave me a chance to learn a lot about digital and content marketing through hands-on work and observing the work that my supervisors do. It was interesting to see how many of the skills I learned in journalism applied to the work I did at Glance – things like writing blog posts for digital platforms, basic SEO, and publishing on social media. Glance is quite a small company, which means I was able to work closely with and learn from everyone. I was given the choice of working remotely, or from their co-working space on Queen West.


Glance Marketing 1

Being on the digital team at CBC Radio put me in a unique position to work with and produce a variety of content for several network talk shows. I got to shadow many skillful people thanks to my supervisor, Paul, who connected me with as many opportunities as possible during my time there. 

Before you go on yours, think about things you’d like to do or see at the CBC (doesn’t have to just be with Radio) and Paul will help you the best he can. I had a wonderful time and I highly recommend working with the digital team!


CBC Radio 3

Coming into my time at Cityline, I was excited about the possibilities of expanding my knowledge and professional network. I produce a radio show and I spoke to Kate Moore about my goal to one day bring it to television, with a live audience show similar to Cityline. Very quickly, I realized I would not get any assistance or attention towards this. I spent most of my time floating, given around one task a day.


A part of me regrets taking this internship, because I had an interest from TSN and an

offer from Global. But obviously, this is a learning experience and I will not let it deter

me from being successful.


Cityline TV 2

I gained a lot from this internship. At first, I was worried about the tiny newsroom size, thinking there would be too much attention on me. However, I felt welcomed and valued and became close with my colleagues, though many were in senior positions. Interesting point: I was the only one in the newsroom who had attended any j-school. 

It was extremely frustrating that expectations of me were unclear. I also did not appreciate how my editor-in-chief rewrote my earlier pieces to fit his voice instead of getting me to rewrite the parts that he did not think were clear.  

The Media Line 1

*This review is from mid-way through the placement*

My internship at NOW Magazine is going very well. My position is ‘culture intern’ so I’m mainly writing for the culture section about arts, music, theatre etc. which is right up my alley! 


I’ve produced a lot of online content so far and I got my first byline in the physical paper in my third week– which was a great feeling. The people are really nice, it’s a very heads down work environment but everyone is friendly and easy to talk to. I feel like it’s going well, to be honest I was a bit overwhelmed at first, because I’ve never worked in a real newsroom environment before, but I can definitely say I’ve learned a lot already. 


Overall, it’s been a really positive experience and I’m hoping to break out of my shell a bit more in the coming weeks and try new things, as I can be quite shy and passive. 


NOW Magazine 1

The Globe and Mail internship is challenging on many levels. You may have to speak to witnesses of brutal murders. You may have to pose tough policy questions to prominent politicians. You may have to spend upwards of $100 to taxi in and out of the city to report on stories if you don’t have a car (you will be reimbursed in a few weeks). There were times I couldn’t afford lunch.

Editors have very high expectations and will be highly critical of you if you don’t meet them. They are particularly concerned with the energy you bring to the newsroom. If you don’t show the desired level of enthusiasm or network enough they will consider you to have squandered your opportunity with them.


Globe & Mail 4

My  internship at CBC Radio was an extremely  positive experience  for so many reasons.  My supervisor always ensured  that I understood the tasks she  assigned me. In addition, she took the time to explain  how I could improve and what I had done well. My supervisor  and other seniors were all encouraging throughout my six weeks  at CBC and made me feel welcome and comfortable from the start.  They also helped me network and gave me advice on who and how to  reach out to certain individuals in the building. I  made  a constant  effort to show  up early and be  the last to leave  each day, as well as  always ask  if there  was anything  else I could do  to help. I went above  and beyond what was asked  of me and all my hard work  was recognized, as I was asked  to come back in the summer and do   back-­fill work for the show I interned  at. My  internship allowed  me to meet a lot  of great people, learn  a lot of  new skills , as well as opening up  doors for my career.


CBC Radio 2

From day one at CTV News, I felt like I was being treated as a real chase producer. While obviously, I did have a trainer at the start –and fellow chase producers to guide me along the way– I was given journalistic independence almost immediately. From choosing and booking guests, pre-interviewing them and creating ‘chat pages’ in iNews along with questions, banner (headlines) and name keys, I felt I’ve had a chance to have editorial input throughout my entire experience at CTV.

Conversely, there were some instances where I had a lack of guidance and had to seek work by asking around whether anyone needed help completing their tasks. Ultimately though, there was no shortage of valuable work for me get my hands on at each shift I was there for, letting me sharpen both my skills and confidence!


CTV News 1