This internship was a great hybrid between traditional television production and digital media strategy. From daily production of a morning news program, to how digital media is leveraged to facilitate interactivity, I was able to continue to learn through my team members. Versatility is the key to being successful in this business, so be ready to do a bit of everything. In your limited time, remember to seek feedback, take initiative with new ideas, and network with key decision makers! Be sure to make your mark and be memorable. Citytv is a vibrant, collaborative environment—conveniently right next to Ryerson! 


City TV 1

I was lucky enough to have an absolutely amazing experience interning at CTV Toronto. I

was able to do so many cool things. They let me fill in at the assignment desk, they even let me

interview my idol, Tessa Virtue one on one- she thought I was a reporter! 


I found that they really believed in me to do a lot of things and they assisted me in setting up a demo reel. I was able to work with awesome reporters, shadow them, and have them tell me about the industry and some tips to help me out. I was able to see really cool scenes, such as double shootings, all the way to weather updates. There was never really anything that they

didn’t let me do, they were always really encouraging and wanting to use my skills. Overall, it

was an amazing experience.


CTV Toronto 1

Despite the fact I was able to further develop my research, fact-checking and copy editing skills, I do feel as though I didn’t get enough out of this internship. There was little-to-no communication with my supervisor throughout, and I was unable to write anything of my own during the six weeks. 


The work environment was very stimulating and a fun place to be, but there were often days where I wasn’t given any work, which made those days drag on. Overall I had a good experience, but I wish I was able get more out of it in terms of writing. Working in such an environment with writers which I’ve followed for years though, is an experience I cannot replace and do not regret taking on.


The Hockey News 2

Global BC is a great place to do your internship, because you learn how the different parts of a newsroom work together to produce news in a variety of formats (online, TV, radio) – whether it be with the assignment desk, morning show, reporters or online desk. You get to write stories, do interviews, research news, make contacts, shadow reporters and learn different programs. The journalists there are great people and are always willing to help. Interning at Global BC was definitely a great experience and I highly recommend it – especially if you want to go out of province.


Global BC 1

When Jagg first told me about TSN, I was somewhat skeptical. But four months of working at Canada’s biggest sports network, I don’t have any regrets. This was the place for me. 


At TSN, I’ve learned how to create highlight packages, do voice overs for game recaps and I’ve toyed around with editing video. On top of that, I also received a job offer as a Story Editor at the company. It’s been a blast, and I truly believe that this internship has changed the way I’m going to approach the rest of my career. Rather that second guess and overthink things, I’m just going to go for it and see what happens. As Gretzky said, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.



My time at The Hockey News was excellent, from start to finish. The workers were friendly and quick to answer any questions. The activities ranged from simple editing to researching as well as writing. It’s perfect for someone who has a love for hockey and an interest in what goes into putting together a magazine. The office was very close to campus which made it easy to get to and it was a casual, yet structured work environment. I was able to learn more about the industry and I’d recommend this to anyone interested in hockey and sports journalism.


The Hockey News 1

My internship at Sharp Magazine exceeded all of my expectations. The people were incredibly friendly, personable, and accommodating and the work environment was laid back and fun but I also felt challenged. I got to write a lot and even pitch my own ideas! I’m walking away with great memories, amazing contacts, and clippings I’m proud of! 


Sharp Magazine 2

Each of my expectations were met or exceeded; the magazine industry is a radically different beast than that of newsrooms with dailies, and I was surprised to learn how laid-back it felt working at Today’s Parent. Unlike a regular newsroom, most stories – unless they were viral – weren’t pushed out with urgency. This doesn’t mean that we weren’t publishing every day; there was a push for the magazine to be active on social media and on its digital side, and it amazed me to see how fluidly deadlines and stories moved around to match these expectations.


The team at Today’s Parent treated me with nothing but respect and kindness. I was saddened to leave by the end. They were always supportive and gave me many opportunities to try new things. My only lament is that I wished someone gave me more of a push early on to explore what opportunities I had, and encouraged me to try more new things. I felt like I got this push near the end when everyone became familiar with me, but I only wish it came earlier so that I could have accomplished more. Most of it is on me for being shy and not forthcoming about what opportunities I wished to explore.


Overall, this was a good internship experience that taught me much about the magazine world and gave me many insights on how the minds of editors operated on a daily basis. The work was simple to pick up (lots of activities with digital), and rewarding as the editors gave timely and relevant feedback. I highly recommend an internship at Today’s Parent, even if parenting isn’t for you!


Today’s Parent 5

My internship at the Marilyn Denis Show was everything I expected and more. I enjoyed working on the set, networking with new faces in the industry and exploring the various positions required on a production. 


On a day to day basis, I helped welcome guests into the studio, helped setup and tear down sets and organized sponsored prizing on the show. But in addition to these everyday tasks, I had the opportunity to shadow a senior producer in the control room, a floor director on a live show, and lend a helping hand on a field shoot at the Ronald McDonald House. 


The staff at Bell Media made everyday enjoyable which motivated me to go into work everyday! Ultimately, my expectations were exceeded and I would recommend this internship to any student that wants to experience a TV production and get their foot in the door!


Bell Media Marilyn Denis 1

My internship was a valuable experience. I got to write a lot of stories, both online and in print. I was and still am excited about this, as it will help bulk up my portfolio. It wasn’t always easy, though. I was given deadlines for those stories, and from Day 1, my supervisor, Dave, made sure I knew that we were working on a pretty strict timeline. We worked forward, slowly compiling stories and articles for the Winter 2020 issue of Canadian Running Magazine. I wrote three articles under my name that will appear in the upcoming issue, and I covered the writeup for a couple more sections that are never given a by-line (just basic updates on the running world, not long-form articles). 


Working at Canadian Running gave me a lot of great skills moving forward, from writing, to editing and to dealing with freelancers, which can be tough at times, especially when you’re on a strict deadline. The team was so nice and welcoming, which made it really easy to feel like I was in the right spot as soon as I started there. I would highly recommend this placement for any other journalism students who have a passion for running like I do. 


Canadian Running 1