Overall I would say my experience was positive during my six weeks at The Hockey News. I learned a lot from the senior writers, got valuable advice and my researching and editing skills improved tremendously. However, I would warn future students that there are better opportunities out there. Most of the work I did came during the week an issue was closing, but during weeks where there wasn’t, it was very slow and I found myself with nothing to do. I believe a daily news placement would provide more opportunities for writing and more experience overall. All in all you will enjoy The Hockey News, but in my opinion there are better opportunities available.


The Hockey News 3

Overall, interning at Opera Canada Magazine was enjoyable. I worked with a great editor, but it isn’t what everyone would think when it comes to a stereotypical magazine office. Coming into this internship, I pictured something somewhat like Devil Wears Prada. However, it’s you at a computer with the editor at theirs. It’s a small office and you do the same thing every day.

Working endlessly on the social media platforms and sourcing photos isn’t what I expected. I only wrote 3 pieces in 10 weeks. I was hoping for more editing, proofreading and writing, compared to being a social media curator.


Opera Canada 2

My internship at CBC both exceeded my expectations in some ways and let me down in others. I was placed in an awesome team with a supervisor that was very attentive and present. This enhanced my time, because in that respect I felt I had guidance throughout.


However, I believe the CBC internship format as a whole needs serious rewiring. I think that in order to get a well-rounded experience, especially in the news department, weeks should be split into different tasks so that you don’t end up doing the same things throughout the six weeks. I did not get to experience things like writing for online pitching weekly stories and so on, because supervisors do not have a structured checklist or anything to make sure interns are getting a well-rounded experience.


CBC Entertainment 1

My placement at CBC Sports in Toronto introduced me to a very professional newsroom with strong Canadian values. As a reporter/writing intern I got the opportunity to write articles on stories I always wanted to cover, and I was also challenged to step out of my comfort zone. I was able to pitch my own original story ideas to the editors, I was also assigned breaking stories, as well as feature-length stories that got published on cbcsports.ca website with my byline. My CBC sports colleagues and supervisors were all very supportive, while still being honest and constructive on how I can improve my ideas, pitches and skills as a journalist. 


CBC Sports 1

I am really happy with how my internship went these past six weeks. I would highly recommend interning with NSIRN if you have any interest in investigative journalism – it allows you to hone your research skills, learn from one of Canada’s best journalists and be part of a project that has implications for the entire country. When I first got this internship, I had almost no conception of what it would be like or if I would enjoy it. I can confidently say that taking the risk and doing a type of journalism I had never forayed into before paid off.



My experience as a technical intern at Global News Toronto was an invaluable first step into my broadcast career. Being in a highly automated control room for local and national networks, I was able to shadow and assist in various positions including producing, directing, managing remotes (reporters in the field), operating robo-cams and mixing audio during live shows.


Although my role was mostly technical, I was also able to contribute to editorial meetings and chase expert voices for stories. I could not have imagined a more well-rounded internship experience. I made many contacts and was offered the opportunity to potentially freelance for them after my internship.


Global TV 1

Simply put, I loved this internship. I found everyone in the office to be incredibly welcoming. They valued my efforts, took into consideration my interests, and gave me many opportunities and helpful feedback. 


I think this internship would be a good fit for someone who is looking for an alternative to a traditional journalism internship. I found I got an understanding of what it takes to run a start-up, and I was given the chance to explore different positions in the office. Thank you, Herb.


Herb 1

As a producer, working with the Post digital team was great. I quickly learned what Post audiences like to read, and I geared my articles to that. I was able to produce videos, write quick hits and work on my pitching. I would always be on top of my editors about editing my pieces, which they actually appreciated because they get so bogged down in work that they forget sometimes. I learned to communicate in a workplace and navigate challenges I encountered, such as working with a variety of people.


National Post 2

*This review is from mid-way through the placement*

Things at TSN.ca are going amazing. Most days I’m watching the wire and keeping the site up to date with the latest CP and AP have to offer. I have had a few chances to do small writing – minor breaking news things – Truth be told I couldn’t be happier about how the month of February has gone and just on Monday I have fortunate enough to be there from noon – 8:00 pm for the NHL Trade deadline – A DREAM COME TRUE – 


The people are amazing. Can’t say enough great things about them, they made me feel right at home from day one.



I enjoyed my placement at the CBC as an editorial intern. Before this I had more experience

producing stories for broadcast and radio but I didn’t have much experience writing stories for

online. During my internship I was able to get three of my stories published to the CBC website.

By the end of my placement I saw a huge improvement in my writing and I gained lots of

experience working in a professional environment with a team. My team was very helpful and

provided me with lots of feedback along the way. I was able to make connections not only in

my unit but outside of my unit as well. Overall, it was a great experience.


CBC Business 1