For anyone interested in pop culture, the Bell Media Specialty Brands digital internship is an incredible experience. Much, MTV, Far & Wide, Space, The Comedy Network, Bravo and CTV are indisputably the biggest names in Canadian digital entertainment, and you contribute to each from day one in various capacities. 


It’s really up to you how the experience goes – if you have something to say, your supervisor(s) are there to help you share it. Though there could be more room for non-editorial tasks, you come away with a lot of new skills and a great resume and portfolio booster.


Bell Media Digital Specialty 1

The CBC internship was a positive learning experience for me because I was able to put everything I’ve learned at school into practice. 

From the first day, my supervisor, the producer for Toronto Local News asked me how comfortable I was with talking to people, I replied “very,” and from there was assigned to chase stories. I was surrounded by reporters, editors and industry professionals who, although were busy, always made time to answer my questions and give me feedback on my work. Within 6 weeks, my confidence grew and after this experience I’m excited to graduate and join the journalism workforce.


CBC Toronto 4

I couldn’t have imagined a better internship experience than the one I had at CBC Toronto. The opportunities I was given went above and beyond my expectations. I received copious amounts of sound advice and encouragement from my superiors and colleagues and I felt like I was truly valued as an asset to the newsroom. My thoughts and opinions were always welcome and respected. I wish I could thank each and every person I met there. I’ve recently been offered training in EA and AP positions in the Toronto newsroom, so I might actually get to.


CBC Toronto 3

My internship at TSN was quite enjoyable. I knew going in that this was not going to be the most creatively-stimulating position, but I was completely okay with it. Even though the designs I made were done through pre-made templates, it was still cool to look on TV and see something I made appear on SportsCentre. It was also cool to see how a TV network operates. I was also fortunate enough to help out with some other design projects (ex: prepare player headshots for curling tournaments). I do think if there are any aspiring graphic designers who want to work for TSN, but want to do more creative work, I would suggest looking for something on TSN’s social media side (maybe even BarDown).


Overall, I had a good time, learned a lot about the sports journalism industry, and will hopefully continue to grow my professional network.



I think my placement fell short in terms of expectations, because I went in not knowing about PR. I didn’t realize that so much of the work was done in the office on a computer for 8 hours every day. Office culture was new to me. I also wish I had more opportunities to go and see events and see what people do in PR firsthand. Overall, I did enjoy my internship because I got to connect with great people and grow professionally. It wasn’t awful, nor was it amazing.


Global Toronto 1

The placement was great overall. My instructor / supervisor was very supportive. She always had some work for me to do, I was able to partake in production meetings, editing meetings and I was able to see all aspects of what it took to make the show come to life. The location was great for me, the people were nice, all my questions were answered and I had a great time. I learned a lot about television production and look forward to pursuing a career in production!


Exploration Production 1

My time at As It Happens was rewarding: I got to be a part of a reputable radio show that covers the most interesting stories happening globally. My co- workers were polite and professional, and formed a highly productive team. I got proper guidance from my supervisor and some fellow producers. The workload kept me busy throughout the day, but was never more than I could handle. I wasn’t able to do the same work that seasoned AIH producers were doing – like front-page news stories – but I had the opportunity to work on producing other stories, and packaging stories for online.


CBC As It Happens 3

The internship was great if you wanted to learn fact-checking and research skills. The process was rigorous and intensive, and most days are spent doing that. 

Where it fell short, in terms of my own expectations, was in the writing aspect — the fact-checking and transcribing took up so much time that there was none left to write, and there was little support provided –if that was what you were interested in. It doesn’t really feel like

I’ve made any contacts because the environment tends to alienate you in a bit. There’s little dialogue between interns and most of the staff.


Elle Magazine 3

Today’s Parent is a great internship if you’re hoping to learn the basics of a digital/print publication. I was happy with the work environment and opportunities the editors gave me. I was excited to have writing assignments in my first week on the job. I learned the importance of SEO online and building stories for web using WordPress. Sometimes when you finish work, the editors don’t have anything else for you to do right away. But that gave me a chance to develop story pitches, which I ended up writing for the website. Overall, satisfied with my experience!


Today’s Parent 6

My internship at CTV Saskatoon exceeded my expectations, as I was treated like a reporter from day one and got the opportunity to work on at least one to two video stories per day. I also got tons of on-camera experience and covered stories that were outside my comfort zone. The people at CTV Saskatoon were super friendly and helpful. By the end of my internship, I became close with the reporters, producers and the anchors. If you’re someone who is comfortable with being uncomfortable and being pushed to your limits, then this is the internship for you! 


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