*This review is from mid-way through the placement*

My internship at NOW Magazine is going very well. My position is ‘culture intern’ so I’m mainly writing for the culture section about arts, music, theatre etc. which is right up my alley! 


I’ve produced a lot of online content so far and I got my first byline in the physical paper in my third week– which was a great feeling. The people are really nice, it’s a very heads down work environment but everyone is friendly and easy to talk to. I feel like it’s going well, to be honest I was a bit overwhelmed at first, because I’ve never worked in a real newsroom environment before, but I can definitely say I’ve learned a lot already. 


Overall, it’s been a really positive experience and I’m hoping to break out of my shell a bit more in the coming weeks and try new things, as I can be quite shy and passive.