If I was to describe my internship in one word, it would be ‘authentic.’

I feel like I truly learned a lot and got valuable experience at CTV Regina. I was not getting someone coffee or doing something unrelated to my field.

From the first day, my name was on the assignment sheet as a general reporter, even though I was an intern. That alone says that I was not treated as someone who is ‘below’ the other staff; I was treated equally as part of the team.

My first day of interning involved camera training and learning how to use the editing software. The next day I went to my first event, conducted interviews and edited a VOSOT that went in the newscast. By the end of the week, I had my first story on the air.

I was given lots of feedback and treated very well. By the end of my internship I had nearly 20 packs, multiple rants, and even a few live hits for my portfolio.

This is the place for experience and potentially a breakthrough job into the market. I highly recommend CTV Regina.