My time at Cityline as the Digital Intern was very positive and educational. I’m very grateful for the experience I had. I felt like I belonged and had an important role that contributed to the company. I never felt like there wasn’t something to do, and I was able to learn more than my role entailed. 


Being the digital intern allowed me to learn how Cityline runs their website and social platforms. You deal with the daily upkeep of all things digital. My responsibilities were based around website updates such as taking in-show photography that gets shared throughout their social platforms. During the taping of the show I’d be on set taking photos for each segment, to represent the episode online. I was able to learn how to use two softwares called Quantel and Brightcove. Using those programs I would take parts of the episode and clip them into short videos for online, alongside having creative freedom of titling and giving the videos captions. Another role I had was website content maintenance, such as building recipes chefs would send in, fashion galleries and scheduling when website posts would go live.


This internship was very professional and I would recommend it to other students as the company has so much to offer. Everyone is willing to help, and working at Cityline also strengthened my independent work skills.