My  internship at CBC Radio was an extremely  positive experience  for so many reasons.  My supervisor always ensured  that I understood the tasks she  assigned me. In addition, she took the time to explain  how I could improve and what I had done well. My supervisor  and other seniors were all encouraging throughout my six weeks  at CBC and made me feel welcome and comfortable from the start.  They also helped me network and gave me advice on who and how to  reach out to certain individuals in the building. I  made  a constant  effort to show  up early and be  the last to leave  each day, as well as  always ask  if there  was anything  else I could do  to help. I went above  and beyond what was asked  of me and all my hard work  was recognized, as I was asked  to come back in the summer and do   back-­fill work for the show I interned  at. My  internship allowed  me to meet a lot  of great people, learn  a lot of  new skills , as well as opening up  doors for my career.