CBC was a fast-paced learning curve; I was thrown into so many situations (for TV, Radio and web writing) that I didn’t expect.

My advice:

  1. If you want to do CBC, don’t underestimate ALL the skills you learn in any journalism, radio, podcast, or even English class – I used skills I learned in first-year.
  2. Try to make a couple contacts during your time. I worked to impress my bosses because I wanted to work in Toronto after and it worked – they hired me!
  3. Don’t be intimidated by CBC — don’t rule it out. You know more about the journalism industry (and news in general) than you think you do.
  4. Say yes, be eager, and don’t worry about making mistakes – because you will.
  5. Brush up on current news, politics and the courts beforehand.
  6. If you want to write or do radio, make a point of asking to do these during your internship, they will eventually trust you enough if you prove yourself.