It’s an excellent workplace, if you’re looking to expand your journalistic skills in the business and tech sector. Even if you know nothing about biz and tech jargon, the team will ease you into the role while providing plenty of support. The workplace environment is super friendly and open, and editors actively work with you to improve your reporting and writing. There’s always plenty of work to do and I was never bored while working there.


BetaKit 1

This internship is truly what you make of it. It challenges you right from the beginning and you are forced to hit the ground running. There is no time to gradually ease into it, because you’re in the busiest market in the country. Within 15 minutes of my first day, I was already on a story trying to confirm the identities of two kids who had died in a snowmobile accident. I’ve been able to get on-camera experience for my demo each week I’ve been there. And I have also made amazing connections at this top-rated station in Toronto.


CTV Toronto 2

My placement at Today’s Parent was a great learning experience. I had the opportunity to sit in at daily meetings and story/pitch meetings. It was interesting to be at the other side of the “email pitch” and hear editors discuss which pitches were successful and which ones weren’t. More importantly, hearing the reasons why they were or weren’t successful. I set a goal for myself to write at least 6 stories at Today’s Parent and I’m very glad I had the chance to do so. I wrote a few of trending pieces, product round­ups and one or two news/health stories. Most of the work you will be doing at TP is “building” stories on WordPress, so inputting text, links, images, videos etc. It also means knowing their content really well. You’ll definitely become proficient in WordPress after this placement. There are also opportunities to network with other magazines, like Chatelaine and Flare, and pitch to them.


The team is laid­back and friendly. You have your own workspace and are assigned daily tasks and deadlines that you are expected to manage. The only negative thing I’d have to say about my time at TP, is that at one point I was asked to do a very tedious job that involved packaging boxes and filling out paperwork. It was clearly a job no one wanted to do, so it got dumped on the intern. Although, this seemed like a one­time thing it wasn’t how I expected to spend my day. Either than that little road bump, I think this is a great opportunity to add some pieces to your portfolio/collect bylines and find out how a modern magazine operates.


Today’s Parent 7

Working with the National Student Investigative Reporting Network (NSIRN) was

one of the most valuable experiences I could have gotten out of this program.

The work was interesting and I truly felt like I was a part of history in the making. I

became a more professional journalist and made great connections. You have to

absolutely be a self-starter in order to succeed at NSIRN. I’d recommend this

internship to students who enjoy doing a lot of research and are able to work with

very little direction. For me, I saw this as freedom to pursue any angle I wanted.



My time at Your Morning CTV was a great learning experience. They gave me the opportunity to join the different teams they had, opening my eyes to all that goes into a live television show. Although at times I felt as if they were searching for work to give me and at times were too busy to provide help, it taught me a lot about myself. I enjoyed the digital team so much that I’ve decided that rather than going into journalism, I would like to go back to school for digital and content marketing.


Your Morning 3

My time at Cityline as the Digital Intern was very positive and educational. I’m very grateful for the experience I had. I felt like I belonged and had an important role that contributed to the company. I never felt like there wasn’t something to do, and I was able to learn more than my role entailed. 


Being the digital intern allowed me to learn how Cityline runs their website and social platforms. You deal with the daily upkeep of all things digital. My responsibilities were based around website updates such as taking in-show photography that gets shared throughout their social platforms. During the taping of the show I’d be on set taking photos for each segment, to represent the episode online. I was able to learn how to use two softwares called Quantel and Brightcove. Using those programs I would take parts of the episode and clip them into short videos for online, alongside having creative freedom of titling and giving the videos captions. Another role I had was website content maintenance, such as building recipes chefs would send in, fashion galleries and scheduling when website posts would go live.


This internship was very professional and I would recommend it to other students as the company has so much to offer. Everyone is willing to help, and working at Cityline also strengthened my independent work skills.


Cityline Digital 1

My internship as the media intern at Canadian Lawyer/Law Times was beneficial to me, as a journalist with an interest in law. Not only did I have the opportunity to learn about the complex particularities of the legal system in Canada, I was able to network with lawyers and journalists in the field. The responsibilities I had ranged from independent story writing, to tasks meant to support larger stories or websites being completed by more senior staff. All-in-all, it was a beneficial experience.


Canadian Lawyer 3

My internship was at MobileSyrup, an online technology publication. I’ve not only learned a great deal that enhanced my skills such as writing, I also had a fantastic experience overall.

For starters, being an intern at MobileSyrup allows you to produce published work on a consistent basis. Not only does this help develop you as a writer, but it also expands your portfolio. You also have great colleagues that help you if you need some advice in particular areas. Since the workforce is quite small, you also develop a strong relationship with them.


MobileSyrup 1

I learned a lot during my internship at The Globe and Mail. I believe my writing and reporting skills drastically improved throughout my time there, I’m a better journalist today because of it. 


I do, however, feel like it may not have been the best place for my very first internship. This is because of the extremely high standards and stress level at which The Globe operates. I felt as though I was thrown right into it without much guidance or support at the beginning. For instance, I was given a story assignment on my very first day without much training or direction. One great thing about this placement is that they treat you like a reporter and not an intern, so it’s a great way to get real experience and bylines. 


Globe & Mail 5

Academic Matters is a one-of-a-kind PAID placement that is very different from a traditional newsroom. The magazine is produced by the Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Association (OCUFA), so internship applicants should have some interest in the issues that affect post-secondary institutions in Ontario. The team is very small, so I knew no matter what task I was doing, it was important and greatly appreciated. 


Academic Matters gave me once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that allowed me to focus on my interests of copy editing, website curation and writing. This is an ideal internship for someone who is not expecting a job from their placement once they graduate but still wants to develop their skills. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Academic Matters and would recommend it to fellow j-school students.


Academic Matters 1